DIY Financial Plan - Just Released!

Download The Do-It-Yourself Investment Guide

5 Steps To Feeling Better About Your Financial Future

This guide is for the DIY Investment Manager.  It will get you off to a good start for your financial planning.  We created it for the individuals who are not quite ready to engage a financial planner but still know they have to get started in order to have a successful retirement.  This may be all you need but if you find that you still need some extra help, please feel free to reach out to us.

What is in the Guide? 

 We tried to take the most critical parts of our actual financial planning process that we use for our clients but made it as easy as possible for a Do-it-yourselfer to create their own investment plan.  It will take some time and work but this will be better then a lot of the paid financial services.  All we ask in return is that if you decide to you need additional help that you consider Phillip James. 

The Five Steps are:

1. Determine Your Current Financial Situation

2. Determine Your Goals

3. Analyze Your Cash Flows

4. Invest Your Portfolio

5. Monitor Your Plan & Your Portfolio