Phillip James is pleased to bring you our first video starring everybody's friend Dave!


Here is the Transcript:

Hi, meet Dave

Dave is a busy guy and his time is important,

But Dave has a problem – He needs a financial plan and help managing his investments but is tired of “Traditional” financial planners trying to sell him financial products that he doesn’t need and doesn’t understand.

Dave goes online to find the 'Best Fee-Only Financial Advisor

And discovers Phillip James Financial

Phillip James Financial is an independent fee-only financial advisor.  This means they don’t represent an investment company; they represent you and your best interests.  They are never paid a commission and don’t sell financial products like loaded mutual funds, annuities, and whole life insurance. Instead they are paid based on a percentage of the assets they manage.  This aligns their goals with yours, which is to grow your wealth and achieve your goals.

List of Services

1. Full Comprehensive Financial Plan

2. Complete Investment Management

3. Understand what it takes to Reach Retirement

4. No Account Minimums 

Dave gives them a call and they help him get started on his personal financial plan finally providing him piece of mind.

 Now Dave is a happy guy and is recommending Phillip James Financial to everyone he knows.