Guest Post - How to Eliminate Life’s Biggest Expense - Live in your Investment

I am guessing that the largest drain on your cash every month isn't going out to eat or gas for your car.  My guess is that it's your mortgage.  Imagine life without having to pay this every month and still take the tax deduction for the interest and taxes.  Well, it can be done, and it can be done without having to shell out extra principal payments for the next 10 years.  Just buy a mutli-family home (duplex, triplex, 4-plex) and live in one of the units!

I wrote an article about exactly how to do this over at the website Fearless Men.  This is a blog helping men (women will enjoy these articles too) live life to the fullest.  It is best described by a quote from the blogs founder, Todd Mayfield:

"Today I see young “males” and think that boys don’t became men at age 18. Or 20. Possibly not at 25. Many guys not even at 30. I see some guys in their early 20’s that have kids that I still would consider pre-pubescent, paper-thin, self-centered sacks of organs and bones. Males are seemingly in an ever-extending phase of adolescence. This irritates me. Makes my blood boil. But part of me feels bad. Some guys have no idea. So I’m inspired to write to the 20-40 year-old crowd that’s looking for a way in this confusing world." 

The full post about how to live in your investment and eliminate life's biggest expense can be found here.