September 2014 Stock and Bond Index Returns

September 2014 Market Summary

The roller-coaster that is the stock market continued with a large drop in September. All stock categories were down this month with small, international and emerging markets hurt the most.

Emerging markets which was the best performing category year-to-date gave up all its gains by dropping 7.59%, ending with a year-to-date return of 0.26%. The International Developed Markets which were up for most of the year are now down 3-4%. This includes both large, small and value stocks. The US Small Cap and Small Cap Value stocks fared about the same each down over 5% and are now just about flat for the year through September. US Large Cap stocks were down in September as well (just over 1%) but managed to hold onto their year-to-date gains of over 6%. 

Short-term bonds were flat at (0.02%) and have returned 1.32% year-to-date.

The markets have been very volatile the last couple months and appear to be stuck in a range. There are a lot of news headlines about the FED raising rates, political turmoil across the globe, and many other explanations of why the markets are down. So, what should we be doing with all this volatility in the markets? Well, Jim has some sage advice, "This is a great opportunity to buy more stocks on the cheap. I've made a point to add more money to my portfolio this month."

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: (1.34%)

US Large Cap Value: (1.42%)

US Small Cap Core: (5.40%)

US Small Cap Value: (5.95%)

International Large Core: (3.84%)

International Large Value: (4.34%)

International Small Core: (5.71%)

International Small Value:  (6.03%)

Emerging Markets: (7.59%)

Short Term Bonds: (0.02%)

2014 September US Stock Market Index Returns
2014 September International Stock Index Returns