October 2014 Stock And Bond Index Returns

October 2014 Market Summary

After last month's correction we saw the markets recover a bit in October, well at least some of them, the US Market most notably. Large cap US stocks stocks which held up pretty well in the sell-off were up this month, core being up just over 2% and value up just over 1.5%. US Small did even better up 4.5% for core and value up over 5%. US large cap core maintains it's position as the best performer year-to-date at 9.05% through October. 

International stocks continued their slide downward, although at a slower pace. Large and small cap intl stocks were all down approx. 1.5% to 2.5% respectively, and remain down year-to-date anywhere from minus 5% to minus 7%. Emerging markets were the one bright spot of all the intl stocks up about 1% this month. Although that's not saying much as it was down 7.59% last month alone. If you missed our earlier article about how to invest in emerging market stocks check it out here.

Short-term bonds were up 0.38% and have returned 1.7% year-to-date. Respectable considering the volatility in the stock market.

The volatility continued from last month but at least some stocks went in the right direction. What can we expect from the markets from now until the end of the year? Well, Jim says, "Markets go up and down. That's just what they do. Around this time of year I really don't focus on these short term fluctuations - I have a long term game plan and instead look forward to the upcoming holiday's with friends and family."

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: 2.10%

US Large Cap Value: 1.63%

US Small Cap Core: 4.58%

US Small Cap Value: 5.28%

International Large Core: (1.62%)

International Large Value: (2.40%)

International Small Core: (2.08%)

International Small Value:  (2.57%)

Emerging Markets: 1.07%

Short Term Bonds: 0.32%

US Stock Performance October 2014
International Stock Performance October 2014