November 2014 Stock and Bond Index Returns

November 2014 Stock Market Summary

November was a fairly "normal" month when compared to the volatility we saw this fall. The US Markets continued their slow climb with large caps leading the way up with value up 1.4% and core up 2.5%. US small cap stocks were close to flat, value and core each up less then 1%.  US large cap core maintained it's position as the best performer year-to-date at 11.76% through November. 

After four straight months of decline, International stocks were flat to slightly up this month. International large cap core was up just over 1% while the rest of the international stock categories lagged behind and ended up more or less flat this month. Emerging markets which has been the most volatile stock category this year was down 1.12%. This still keeps emerging markets stocks as the best performing international stock category year-to-date at a paltry 0.20%. All other international stock categories (large, small, value) are down for the year.

With one more month to go in 2014 we start looking back at the year that was and looking forward to see what 2015 will bring. Of course, Jim provides us with his insights on the market, "2014 was a lesson in diversification. The US Market was the only category of stocks that made any money this year. And of those large cap stocks was the only category worth writing home about. By owning various stock categories and short-term bonds we have the best chance of achieving our goals.  That's how I invest. It's not sexy, but it works."

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: 2.49%

US Large Cap Value: 1.43%

US Small Cap Core: 0.68%

US Small Cap Value: 0.16%

International Large Core: 1.03%

International Large Value: 0.02%

International Small Core: 0.17%

International Small Value:  (0.05%)

Emerging Markets: (1.12%)

Short Term Bonds: 0.08%

November 2014 US Stock Market Returns
November 2014 International Stock Market Returns