Back Door Roth Conversion Strategy - Part II


We left off last week with a fun little strategy called a Back Door Roth IRA and the problem with aggregation rules - If you want to learn what this is and how it works click Here.  If you have been keeping up you probably want to know how to avoid being taxed on your pre-tax IRA contributions.  Well, the trick is to get your pre-tax IRA dollars out of the IRA by transferring them to your 401(k).  Many employer plans allow for "Roll-Ins" of IRA money.  You need to check with your employer and then request a "Roll-in" Form.  Once you move your pre-tax dollars and earnings into your employer sponsored plan, they are no longer part of your IRA and therefore not counted in the aggregation of your IRA assets.  Thus, clearing the road for your Tax Free Roth IRA conversion!  

Wow!  That's a lot of work to make a Roth IRA contribution.  Maybe, but over time, compounding and the tax free savings can be significant; and could be the difference between achieving your goals. If you want help performing your own Back Door Roth, you know who to call.