March 2014 Index Returns

March was a month of Mixed Markets. The US Large Cap Asset classes performed very well while the majority of International Stocks declined across the board.  The one exception was Emerging Markets which has been one of the worst performers this year turned around and was one the best performing asset class this month, up almost 3%.  The take-a-way this month is that diversification is key.  We invest in a globally diversified portfolio, limiting the risk of investing in one asset class, reducing volatility and increasing the chances of meeting our long-term financial goals.

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: 2.29%

US Large Cap Value: 2.73%

US Small Cap Core: (0.40%)

US Small Cap Value: 1.05%

International Large Core: (1.03%)

International Large Value: (1.15%)

International Small Core: (0.86%)

International Small Value:  (0.40%)

Emerging Markets: 2.92%

Short Term Bonds: 0.13%

Data from Morningstar and MSCI