April 2014 Stock and Bond Index Returns

We have a special treat this month, I have included a chart to track the monthly asset class returns.  Visually speaking, I hope you like it.

April Market Summary

April was very similar to last month in that the overall market was mixed.  Large cap  stock asset classes (both International and US) performed very well. Small cap stocks were the opposite with both US and International  down for the month.  US Small Core performed the worst this month down (2.67%).  Emerging Markets essentially flat after being the best performer last month.  Value stocks overall performed much better then core counterparts in every category.  Stay diversified, you never know what the markets will do next. 

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: 0.75%

US Large Cap Value: 1.16%

US Small Cap Core: (2.67%)

US Small Cap Value: (1.45%)

International Large Core: 1.27%

International Large Value: 1.91%

International Small Core: (1.09%)

International Small Value:  (0.50%)

Emerging Markets: 0.06%

Short Term Bonds: 0.25%

Data from MSCI & Morningstar