Bigger Property Tax Refunds for Minnesotans - Tax Law Change

I just thought you'd like to know, the great state Minnesota just signed a new tax law a couple days ago on May 20, 2014 which increases property tax refunds for qualifying homeowners and renters who filed their 2013 property tax refund this year.  If you are a client of Phillip James this was completed and filed for you if you were eligible.  

Minnesota says "If you have not yet filed your property tax refund return – please WAIT to file. If you already filed, WAIT and do not amend at this time."

After they update their systems, property tax refund tables, and instructions they will let people know when to file if they haven't done so already.  I can only assume they will adjust your refund for you if you have already filed but they have not explicitly said this yet.  Needless to say we will be keeping an eye on this.

According the the Minnesota Revenue Website, refunds will be mailed beginning the end of September or 60 days after your filing date, whichever is later.  So if you haven't filed yet, it's best to wait until further notice.

View the complete law (HF 3167) on the Minnesota Legislature website.

For more information on the this and other MN tax law changes, please visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue website and click the orange “tax law change” button.

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