May 2014 Stock and Bond Index Returns

May Market Summary

People have been saying the stocks are near a top and that the market action has been indicating a downturn is just around the corner. But, once again timing the market has proven difficult as the indexes trudged higher.  Every category that we track is up this month with the largest gainer being emerging markets which gained 3.3%.  The worst stock performer was International Value which was still up 0.4%. Short term bonds were the worst performing category overall and still returned 0.3%. 

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: 2.1%

US Large Cap Value: 1.1%

US Small Cap Core: 0.9%

US Small Cap Value: 1.1%

International Large Core: 0.9%

International Large Value: 0.4%

International Small Core: 1.0%

International Small Value:  0.6%

Emerging Markets: 3.3%

Short Term Bonds: 0.3%