June 2014 Stock and Bond Index Returns

June 2014 Market Summary

The Bull Market continues across the globe! All of the Stock and Bond categories we track were up this month. The best performers this month were US Small Cap Stocks, both Core and Value. These categories were up 5.01% and 3.93%, respectively.

The worst performer was international large cap core which still turned in a decent performance at 0.80%. Short-term bonds were up 0.07%. As the markets continue to climb, you will see more and more people talk about an overbought market. They will continue to say this until the market eventually turns and then claim they were right all along. Never mind that they would have missed out on some large gains if they sat in cash the first time they thought the market was overvalued.  With that being said if you are just getting into the market now, be prudent and use a dollar-cost-averaging strategy just in case the market pulls back in the short term.

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: 1.80%

US Large Cap Value: 1.78%

US Small Cap Core: 5.01%

US Small Cap Value: 3.93%

International Large Core: 0.80%

International Large Value: 0.93%

International Small Core: 1.32%

International Small Value:  1.24%

Emerging Markets: 2.25%

Short Term Bonds: 0.07%