Investment Jargon Explained

Common investment words explained in Easy-to-understand terms.

Every industry has their own jargon. You have probably heard words like risk & return, exchange traded funds, and even stocks and bonds used in our conversations but maybe you don't entirely understand what they mean. This is probably because you have never had them explained to you in clear, concise, non-technical terms.

One of the main goals of this blog is education. To that end we have created a short presentation explaining in "Human Words" all of the main investment words that you have heard but maybe don't completely understand. Things like stocks, bonds, diversification, and others are important to know even if you are not involved in the markets. Being comfortable with these terms will lay a strong foundation for the work we do together. You can download this free resource by clicking below.

If there are any other investment words that you want explained more simply just let us know in an email ([email protected]) and we can update the presentation. Otherwise just leave us a comment below.