January 2015 Stock And Bond Index Returns

January Stock Market Returns

January 2015 Stock Market Summary 

Volatility continued from 2014 with some large up days and some large down days in January. Although there was somewhat of a role reversal - the trend in 2014 was US Stocks up and International Stocks down. Large cap US stocks (best performers in 2014) were hurt the most in January with core down 3% and value down 4.5%. US small caps fared slightly better but were still down about 2.5% overall. 

International stocks were flat to slightly up this month. International large cap core, international small caps and emerging markets were all up under 1%, with the one exception being international large value which was down less then 1%. Short-term bonds which had a decent showing in 2014 continued this trend, up 0.67% in January.

What do you think about the year ahead Jim?

"Overall, not the best start to the new year. But we aren't focusing on one month to the next, or even one year to the next. It's important to keep track of stock and bond performance but we must keep our long-term goals in mind."

One Month Returns By Asset Class

US Large Cap Core: (3.05%)

US Large Cap Value: (4.46%)

US Small Cap Core: (2.45%)

US Small Cap Value: (2.56%)

International Large Core: 0.26%

International Large Value: (0.78%)

International Small Core: 0.12%

International Small Value:  0.29%

Emerging Markets: 0.55%

Short Term Bonds: 0.67%