What if you invested in these 6 portfolios? Here's how you did.

Gold, Real Estate, Technology were the big trends this past decade. How did they pan out?

Stock Market Trends Investing

We recently contributed to an article over at BankRate.com which looked at these major trends as well as index funds, and socially responsible investing in order to see how $100,000 invested in each of these areas would have done over the last decade. Below is a summary, but I highly recommend checking out the full article.

Gold - you would have made a lot of money....and then lost it. 

Socially Responsible Investing - This strategy actually did pretty well over the last decade despite the additional costs from the research that goes into finding socially responsible companies.

Real Estate - This will come as a bit of a surprise but Real Estate did well beating the S&P 500 by a  good margin despite the worst real estate recession since the great depression. 

Technology - This was one of the big winners over the last decade. By now you have to wonder if the growth is priced into these stocks?

Read the full article here. The additional data and charts are definitely worth looking at.