2015 Stock and Bond Index Returns

Not only will this be the final monthly performance review of the year but the final one EVER. But don't fret, instead we will be switching to a quarterly market review. We'll continue to post the performance reviews to this blog but it will now be in the form of a downloadable PDF. It will include more information, more charts, and more data - Better in every sense of the term. However it will only come out once every three months. If you love it or hate it let us know. We do this for you so if you're not happy let us know. The first Quarterly Market Review is available now. Right here in fact, just click on the below image.

Now on with the monthly updates and performance charts (for the last time).

December Returns By Asset Class (Monthly, Annual)

US Large Cap Core: (1.64%), (0.32%)

US Large Cap Value: (1.55%), (4.53%)

US Small Cap Core: (4.50%), (5.15%)

US Small Cap Value: (4.88%), (7.46%)

International Large Core: (1.55%), (4.64%)

International Large Value: (2.02%), (9.90%)

International Small Core: 0.66%, 7.33%

International Small Value:  0.01%, 2.53%

Emerging Markets: (2.48%), (16.97%)

Short Term Bonds: (0.15%), 0.87%

Annual 2015 US Market Index Returns
Annual International Stock Index Returns Chart