Ever heard of a Bill-Cutting Concierge?

Amazingly easy tip on how to save money on all your monthly bills. My personal experience.

I was introduced to this service from a fellow financial advisor. He told me about how he used it to save $180 per month on all his bills in roughly 5 minutes time. He liked it so much he shared it with his clients. I was skeptical at first but then tried it for myself. It literally took one email and one phone call with my personal bill-cutting concierge, then a couple weeks later I was saving $35/month on my bills.  I always try to keep my monthly expenses very low so I didn't have as much for them to cut as some others would.  

billcutterz logo

The service is called BillCutterz and they've been around since 2009. This is how it works.

Go to their website and click on “Save Me Money.”  (Note: If you are concerned about privacy you can check out their BillCutterz Promise.)

After you fill in your contact information you will need to send them copies of your bills via fax or email. You will then receive a call (or email) from your personal bill cutting concierge to discuss your bills and they take it from there. As far as I can tell they actually call the companies on your behalf and see what can be done to lower your bills. They negotiate on your behalf and you get to avoid the hassle of calling each company, navigating through the voice message system, waiting on hold, and talking to a non-native-English speaking customer service rep. If you've ever called Comcast you know how much of a pain this can be.

The bill they were able to save the most money on was my T-Mobile cell phone. They found out that I had a much “bigger” plan then I was actually using and were able to reduce it after checking with me. Could I have done this myself by calling T-Mobile and spending about 20-30 minutes on the phone?  Yes, but I value my time and my sanity. It was well worth it to let BillCutterz handle it because it never would have happened otherwise.

So how much do they charge for this service? They take half of what they are able to save you. So if they save you $100 for the year they take $50. Hey, its $50 you wouldn't have had without them so it makes sense in my opinion.  Also, if they do all the work of calling the companies but are not able to save any money on any of your bills it doesn't cost you anything. 

Overall I had a great experience which is why I am sharing it with you. I am in no way affiliated with them and receive no compensation, discounts or referral fees at all. I’m just sharing because I want you to save money too. Give them a try and when you check it out let me know how your experience was and how much money you saved!