Own a small business? Succession planning is not optional.

Small Business Succession Plan

Remember Epilawg? It's a collaboration of 4 lawyers doing some amazing things in the world of Estate planning and general lawyering.  They collaborate on this jointly owned and operated blog that breaks down the estate planning and other legal issues in easy to understand articles and short posts.

Well, I was fortunate enough to be published on their platform once again. This article is for all the small business owners out there who will eventually have to deal with succession planning. In it I break down the what Succession planning really is and why it's important to start planning now (long before you plan on selling or stepping down). Then I cover the ways to sell a company and the mistakes to avoid. If you own a small business this one is a must read! 

Check it out here: Small Business Succession Planning - Things to Consider

As a bonus I include a link to a Succession Planning Checklist to guide you in the process.