Financial Planning and Investment Management for Chanhassen, MN

We have three ways to serve your needs.

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Wealth Management

Comprehensive Wealth Management

For those who need integrated Financial Planning and Investment Management.

  • Creation of Full Personal Financial Plan
  • Implementation of Financial & Investment Plan
  • Professional Portfolio Management
  • On-Demand Review/Advice/Plan updates 
  • Integrated Investment & Tax Planning
  • Fee based on the Amount of Assets Under Management

Financial Planning

Hourly Based Financial Planning

For those who manage their own portfolio of investments but need a plan as a guide.

  • Creation of Full Personal Financial Plan
  • Creation of Investment Plan
  • As-Requested Update Meetings
  • One-time or On-going Engagement
  • Fees are based on an Hourly Rate

Investment Management

Professional Portfolio Management

For those who want portfolio management with a savings strategy.

  • On-going Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting
  • Optimum Asset Allocation
  • Low-Cost, Tax Efficient Investments
  • Globally-Diversified Portfolio
  • Fees based on the Amount of Assets Under Management
  • Traditional or Online

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