Real Picture Coming Soon!

                   Real Picture Coming Soon!

Faustina Minor


To use an overused word like "Passion" to describe Faustina's thirst all things finance and tax would be absurd. Instead, let's just say she's made it her life's work to help Phillip James client's achieve their goals and happiness.  

Around the office Faustina spends her time focusing on the books of Phillip James' small business clients. If she's not working through a pile of data in a QuickBooks file she's not happy.  Her wealth of experience enables her ensure all the debits and credits are in place. 

She is often quoted as saying, “Accounting and Finance is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle; each piece you complete is satisfying and brings you joy and excitement!” 

In addition to her innate ability to organize, account, and serve clients, Faustina enjoys spending time with her family. She is a lover of the dice games and enjoys many activities; working in the fields, flying kites, jumping through hoops, crochet, walking in circles, and attending her progeny’s contrabass recitals.  This professional pantomath also moonlights as a security guard so feel free to ask Faustina to assist at your next event!

You can contact Faustina using her direct email [email protected]  Only for clients, prospective clients, and well-wishers, please.



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