How We Do It

Most people do not have access to objective Fee-Only Financial Planning.  This is usually due to the high-cost and high-minimums built into the comprehensive financial planning model of most RIAs.  We created Phillip James Financial to bring this objective type of model to not only those with millions of dollars in investable assets but also those with much less than that.

While we believe the a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is the right model for financial planning due to its objective nature and fiduciary duty to the clients.  Most firms of this type cater to the hgh-net worth individuals.  In doing so their business model becomes restrictive to those without a large amount of investable dollars.  We recognize that not everyone needs in depth Estate Planning, philanthropic planning, trustee services, etc. So rather than building all of these services into our practice we partner with the right professionals so that our clients have access to all of the financial planning resources they need but are not paying the large restrictive minimum fess.

We bring the essentials and then partner with other professionals t bring the complete comprehensive planning process to everyone.  We provide the most critical part needed for every financial plan which is investment management, tax planning and retirement planning.  Then, we identify the needs of each individual client and connect them with the right professionals.  This way the client is only paying for and receiving what they need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is a Fee-Only Adviser? 

• What do you charge for your services? 

• What type of Clients do you work with? 

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