Fee-Only Financial Planning

At the heart of our process is the financial plan.  This guides our advice and your investment portfolio - it is how you achieve your goals.

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Initial Financial Plan

The financial plan is what guides future investments and determines the success of your goals.  It includes a statement of net worth, cash flow and retirement projections, full analysis of current investments, complete risk profile, and a recommended plan of action including investment recommendations.  With a completed financial plan you will understand exactly what it takes to achieve retirement and accomplish your goals.   

On-Going Financial Plan

Once your initial financial plan is complete there is still work to be done.  Your plan is not static.  We know life is always changing which means your plan should be updated to reflect these changes.  It could be the birth of a child, death in the family, a business venture, or a new goal.  We meet at least annually to ensure the plan is still on track and adjust when necessary to keep your retirement and other goals secure.  

Rest assured we are keeping an eye on your plan and your investments to make sure you are successful.

How it relates to your Investments

We won't invest a dollar of your money until we understand your financial situation and what this money is going to be used for.  We make sure you have the proper mix of liquidity and growth; designing the portfolio around your personal situation.  With a complete plan in place we are able to confidently invest your portfolio so that your money will be there when you need it.  Our investment philosophy involves a mix of bonds and stocks and uses low cost, tax efficient ETFs (exchange traded funds) and Mutual Funds to allocate your portfolio.  You can read more about our investment philosophy here.

Why Fee-Only

Many financial planners just want to invest your money to generate fees and commissions.  To them a financial plan is just another way to sell more products and services.  Or worse they skip the plan and just invest your money in some "top performing" mutual fund without even knowing what they are investing for.  Just because you get a good return does not mean you will accomplish your goals.  

Fee-Only means we don’t sell in-house products, we don’t collect commissions from sales, and we aren't affiliated with a large investment bank or insurance company.  We are compensated solely by our clients for the financial planning and investment services we provide.

An advisor compensated through commission inherently faces a conflict of interest between the interests of the client and their own. These commissions provide an incentive to sell products with the highest payout like loaded mutual funds and permanent life insurance regardless of whether or not it is in your best interest.  

Fee-only advisors are paid based on a percentage of the assets they manage.  This aligns the financial planner’s goals with your goals, which is to grow your wealth.  But the real difference comes from the Fiduciary Standard.  Fee-only financial registered investment advisors are held to this standard, which means by law, they must have their clients’ best interest at heart.  Therefore, fee-only planners will recommend only the best investments for you.

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