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Molly Christenson

Client Service Advisor & Office Manager

Molly joined our team with a storied background combining both office management and marketing disciplines. Despite a career that has already far surpassed many others in her peer group she continues to learn and hone her skills. In fact, her thirst for knowledge would rival that of John Nunn. If you don't know who that is just ask Molly.

Molly can be seen around the office working on personal financial plans, analyzing investments, and keeping the office neat and orderly. During every tax season, she works herself up into a fervor over making sure clients get every tax deduction that is coming to them.

She is often quoted as saying, “I get giddy at the thought of a well executed workflow process. The level of service this can bring to the overall client experience is immeasurable.” 

In addition to her innate ability to organize, simplify, and serve clients, Molly enjoys spending time with her family. She is an avid reader, workaholic, and soon to be latinist.  On the weekend she enjoys the quality company of her friends and moonlights as a hospitality industry consultant.

You can contact Molly using her direct email [email protected]  Only for clients, prospective clients, and well-wishers, please.



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