What's it like to be a Phillip James Financial Client?

Explore our Technology - Your Personal Financial Website 

Phillip James Client Portal

One of the first things we do once your accounts have been transferred is set up your own Personal Financial Website. This technology provides you with a simple view of your entire financial situation. Watch as we walk you through this amazing tool.


Simple, Straightforward Navigation and Reporting

Your Financial Website is built with simplicity in mind. The navigation is intuitive and the data is laid out in quick, easy to digest format. You can view your account balances, performance, holdings, transactions, and important documents with a few clicks. We show you only the most important information and remove the noise. 

Consolidate ALL Your Financial Accounts

client portal features

You no longer have to log into multiple accounts to view your total financial picture. Your Financial Website consolidates all your financial accounts including bank accounts, mortgages, investments accounts, 401(k)s, and just about any other type of account you want to add.

Store Important Documents

Your Financial Website includes a secure online vault to store all your important documents like, tax returns, estate documents, deeds, insurance policies, and anything else that you want to store safely and securely. Finally feel like you are organized and have your documents on hand when needed most.

Security Is Paramount

Your Financial Website utilizes the same technology used by the world's largest financial institutions to safeguard their financial information so you can be sure your financial data is protected at Phillip James Financial.

Easy Collaboration & Mobility

Phillip James Finanical Mobile

Easily share selected information with trusted family members and key advisors. Or pull up your information at a meeting with your tablet or smartphone.

Your Personal Financial Website is a part of the comprehensive financial advice that we believe in.