Target 401k Rollover

Rollover your old 401(k)

Simple. Quick. Customized Investment Plan.

Unfortunately, too often the 401(k) mindset is to simply invest and forget it – especially if you find yourself starting a new job and wondering what to do with your former employer’s 401(k). At Phillip James Financial, we’ll provide you 401(k) rollover advice and actively manage your retirement dollars, starting with a customized plan based on your needs. Our process is simple, quick and the smarter alternative to leaving your 401(k) plan with an old employer. 

No Account is too Big or too Small.

Whether you are working with $5,000 or $1,000,000 it makes sense to roll out your 401(k) to save on fees and increased flexibility.  When you rollover your 401(k) you have the ability to select from a wider range of investments than most employer-sponsored plans typically offer. We can help no matter the size of your account.

Keep your Retirement Savings Tax-Advantaged and Working for You.

Just like your 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plan, an IRA offers important tax benefits.  Keep these benefits in-tact when moving your money.

Why Phillip James Financial?

Phillip James Financial is one of the most well-respected financial planning and investment management firms in Minnesota. Our Commission Free model is free from the conflicts of interest associated with selling commission based products.  Our process is comprehensive and always in your best interest.

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