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The Steps to Financial Security and Independence


Proper life planning entails not only planning for retirement, but integrating all aspects of our financial lives: taxes, investments, budgeting, estate planning, life insurance, and any other financial needs. Whether you want to make sure you are ready to retire, improve your tax efficiency, plan for the next generation, or enhance the allocation of your portfolio; our thoughtful planning process will provide clarity and carve out a clear path for your success.

Find out below for what to expect when you schedule your complimentary meeting with a Phillip James Financial Advisor. 


Initial Meeting

As part of your complimentary meeting you are invited into our office to meet with one of our experienced advisors.  This meeting is designed to gain insight on your needs as a client and provide us a better picture of your goals in life.  It also provides us the opportunity to introduce you to the firm and the team of professionals that would serve you. It's during this time we start to discuss what your tailored financial plan will look like. Click here to see how to prepare for your meeting. 


Financial Planning & Analysis

Upon defining your goals, we create your personal financial plan. The plan includes reviewing your current portfolio, taking a deep dive into your investments by analyzing your current allocation, the tax efficiency of the funds utilized, and their expenses. We run detailed cash flow projections to determine what you need to do now to enjoy the retirement you've always envisioned.  From this plan, you will begin to answer, among many things, the following questions:

  • What will retirement look like?
  • How can I be sure I won't run out of money?
  • What to do when we experience a market correction?
  • How should my portfolio be invested?
  • How can I be more tax efficient?
  • What are the risks I face, and how can I reduce them?

Financial Plan Meeting

During this meeting, we walk you through what it takes to be successful in achieving your goals and any potential risks posed to your plan. Providing clarity to the questions you have been asking yourself.  It will show you whether you are on track or if adjustments need to be made and how to implement them. 

It is at this point you decide if you want our partnership in implementing and managing your plan on-going. We believe our value far exceeds the cost of working with us, and it is our job to show you this ahead of time.


Plan Implementation 

When you come on board, we immediately implement the strategies discussed in your financial plan. We realign your portfolio to fit your plan (always being tax conscious) and help facilitate the action items detailed in the plan: tracking required savings, mitigating risks where possible, and implementing tax strategies to improve the portfolio and your tax efficiency.  As your trusted partner, it is our job to keep you on track to ensure your plan materializes.


Ongoing Plan Management

Your financial plan is a living document. As your life and circumstances change, so will your plan. In many instances, it will transform over time as new goals emerge, priorities shift, or changes occur in health, work, and family. Our continued partnership ensures these changes are properly implemented and reflected in your plan. At a minimum, we like to meet annually to stay up to date but will meet as often as you like; you have unrestricted access to us.


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