Investing with Purpose

Plan & Invest to Achieve Your Goals





There is an underlying reason why we invest our hard-earned money and it's not just to earn more money.  While that may be the outcome, the "Why" of investing is something completely different.  Simply put, we invest to achieve our goals in life. These goals are different for every person.  Maybe it's retirement, a child's college education, buying a cabin, or planning for the next generation. We all have our own goals, whatever they may be.  It's our job at Phillip James to plan out a clear path to achieve those goals. This is what we call Investing with Purpose.

Your financial plan will include, Retirement Projections, Professional Portfolio Management, Tax Planning/Preparation, Risk Management, and other services tailored to fit your needs.





Investments are the tools we use to make your financial plan successful.  With your plan as the guide, we can customize the portfolio around your personal situation, needs, and goals.

At the heart of our investment philosophy is Modern Portfolio Theory, which maximizes your portfolio's rate of return for a given amount of risk. We use asset allocation to determine the efficient portfolio and then tailor it to a level of risk you are comfortable with.

Our unique investment philosophy allows you to reduce risk and be a "patient seller" when it comes to investing in the stock market. This removes much of the stress that normally comes with the ups and downs of the market.  We use math, academic research, and input from you to accomplish this unique strategy.  

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Achieve Your Goals



Now that we have your financial plan and your investments in place, we monitor everything to ensure your continued success.  Life’s joys and challenges will cause your plan to change over time. Our partnership with you reflects our commitment to understand, care, and guide your financial decisions to make sure you are always on track. We meet at least annually to review your plan to make sure your portfolio reflects these changes.

We also look at your Estate Plan, Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance Needs, Taxes and anything else that might affect your Plan. 

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Investing with Purpose