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Tax Planning

Tax Expertise

Being that our co-founder is a CPA, taxes are built into our DNA.  Always being tax conscious is another area to unlock real value for the client.  Taxes are a part of everything we do financially, and we are always looking for ways to lower a client's income tax burden. At Phillip James, tax planning is year-round, not just during tax season. 

Increasing your Tax Efficiency

Our financial planning and investment philosophy is fully integrated with your individual tax situation. We deliberately structure client portfolios to minimize taxes. By using tax-efficient funds with very low asset turnover we can reduce a client's taxes.  Putting you in control for when and how you realize gain. We avoid short-term capital gains and recognize losses through tax-loss harvesting when appropriate.  We utilize asset location strategies by placing higher growing asset classes like Small and Value in Tax-Free accounts with Tax-Deferred accounts holding slowing growing assets classes like Fixed Income. 

Other Complicated Tax Situations and Financial Transactions

If you are buying or selling real estate, involved in a business sale or purchase, marrying, or divorcing, inheriting wealth, receiving a legal settlement, or are a party to any other financial transaction, we work with you to identify your options, craft the best solution, and explain the tax and financial implications.

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Tax Preparation

We have a commonly owned tax firm to provide preparation services to our wealth management clients. While most of our clients see this as a great convenience to have everything in one place, we see it as another opportunity to provide superior planning service. We walk through your tax return and show you areas for improvement or opportunities for planning.