Our college analysis goes well beyond finding the right 529 plan. Instead, we look at your specific situation with your goals for your children. We discuss the overall state of higher education and then discuss how to best plan for this large expense. We look at College Planning in the context of your other goals and will help with prioritization. Once we lay the groundwork, we start the analysis. We take all of our assumptions and project them out the see how much you should be saving and how much you can expect to pay when the time comes. We will also design the investment portfolio around this plan taking into account time horizon, risk tolerance, and other resources to determine the appropriate investments. 

What Value Does Phillip James Financial Add?

  • College Plan Coordinated with Other Goals

  • Ensure College is Funded but Not Over-funded

  • Proper Allocation Based Age, Goal, and Risk Profile

  • Utilize Tax Efficient Accounts While Avoiding Penalties