Download The Financial Advisor Checklist

16 Points To Determine If Your Financial Advisor Is Right For You.


Well now, what have we here?  A 16 point checklist for your financial advisor!  We have gone through and found 16 important points which can be used to perform due diligence on any financial advisor or investment manager.  The main points revolve around compensation, background, service, and investments.  These are not intended to be hard and fast rules only a guide with things to consider when evaluating a new or current financial planner. 

How to use this Checklist? 

This checklist is intended to be resource for you.  Our intention is to give you some things to consider.  Hopefully your advisor meets or exceeds all of these points.  If not, it might just give you a good reason to have a conversation to make sure you are being taken care of properly.  Your retirement is extremely important, use this checklist now to make sure it's in good hands. 

Why Phillip James Financial?

Phillip James Financial is one of the most well-respected financial planning and investment management firms in Minnesota. Our Fee-Only model is free from the conflicts of interest associated with selling commission based products.  Our process is comprehensive and always in your best interest.

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