Professional Investment Management

We believe in a Long-term, Diversified, and Consistent investment strategy.

We believe you need to put your money to work for you by investing in the financial markets.  Over time, stocks have proven to be one of the best investment vehicles to create and grow wealth.  


Central to any tailored financial plan is the investment strategy.  At the heart of our investment philosophy is Modern Portfolio Theory which attempts to maximize the portfolio return for a given amount of risk. We accomplish this by utilizing asset allocation to determine the efficient portfolio and then customize each client's portfolio given their own level of risk tolerance and risk capacity.  

We look at the academic research so we are not relying on subjective stock picking like many other financial planners.  This research has proven time and again that asset allocation is by far the primary determinant of total return.  As a result, we construct and manage broadly diversified portfolios using tax efficient and low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.  Each portfolio is then monitored and re-balanced continuously to maintain that optimal asset allocation.  This disciplined approach has repeatedly been proven to achieve optimal investment returns over time.

The investment vehicles we use are low-cost tax-efficient ETFs (exchange traded funds) and mutual funds, most notably, those offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). These funds pursue the factors of higher expected return through advanced portfolio design, management, and trading. These funds are only available through a select group of advisors.


Bonds and the Patient Seller

Our unique view on bonds allows our clients to reduce risk and be "patient sellers" when it comes to investing in the stock market.  This removes much of the stress that normally comes with the ups and downs of the market.  We use math, academic research, and input from you to accomplish this unique strategy.  Read more about the role of bonds in your portfolio.


One thing that is completely within our control is costs. Over time these costs can add up and can be the difference between meeting your goals or not.

Therefore, we construct your portfolio to be as cost-efficient as possible using low cost exchange traded funds and mutual funds without sacrificing diversification and quality.

Individual Portfolios

With our investment philosophy in mind we then consider your own risk profile, i.e. your capacity to take risk, your personal tolerance for risk, and the return necessary to accomplish your goals.  This helps us determine the appropriate allocation to Equity and Fixed Income.  We then manage the portfolio based on your cash-flow needs, taxation issues, and re-balance needs.

Ultimately, it is your personalized financial plan that determines how we invest your portfolio. We are not just trying to get you the best returns possible but more importantly making sure you have the best chance of achieving your goals.  Click Here to learn more about your Financial Plan.


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