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We Provide Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, And Investment Advice To Our Neighboring Maple Grove, MN Community. Stop By And Visit Today.

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Our Services:

  • Financial Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Tax Planning/Preparation

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Budgeting/Spending Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • College Planning

  • 401(k) Services

  • Compensation Planning


We are located in the Plymouth Creek Professional Building just across from the Lifetime Fitness. We have ample parking and love having visitors so let us know what time and day work best for you. We look forward to seeing you!

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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Financial Planning. Investments. Tax.

Financial Planning is at the core of what we do - it's the engine that drives everything else. By creating a financial plan we are then able to confidently invest your portfolio with your goals in mind. This allows us to avoid having to take on excessive risk and be able to target a specific rate of return needed to give you the best chance of success. A true comprehensive plan will involves running cash flow and income projections to determine how much you should be saving to be able to retire, how much can you spend during retirement, and how to plan for your other life goals such as college education or second home. Another key area of wealth management includes tax plannings. At Phillip James not only do we prepare your tax return but we also provide very detailed tax planning. This is critical as everything you do involves taxes in one form or another. This includes allocating your portfolio in a tax efficient manner, using low-turnover, tax efficient investments, creating an income withdrawal strategy, performing tax loss harvesting, capital gains management, and helping choose the best accounts to utilize. Wealth management also coordinates with your estate plan and philanthropic plans.  Coordinating and integrating all of this is what true wealth management is all about. That's what we do for you at Phillip James Financial - It's what we call Investing with Purpose.

Fiduciary versus Broker/Dealer

We act as a Fiduciary for all of our clients. This means we have an ethical and moral obligation to act in our client's best interest. Brokers do not have to abide by this standard. This leads to them selling you expensive financial products that you don't need. Whether you work with us or a different advisor it's critical that you make sure they will promise (in writing) to act as your Fiduciary.

Think of when you go to buy a new suit or dress. A Broker is like the salesman who will tell you that the clothing fits well. A Fiduciary will not only tell you that it fits well but will also tell you whether or not it looks good on you. What kind of advice do you want?

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