Financial Advisors Medina, MN

While we don't have an office in Medina (Yet) we are located just down the road in Plymouth, MN. Schedule a meeting at our office or we make house calls at your home or office.

Medina MN Wealth Management

Financial Planning Medina

Our main service is financial planning. It's customized to your needs and could include buying a cabin, retiring early, paying for college, or leaving an inheritance to your children. Whatever you are trying to accomplish we can help ensure you have the best chance of achieving your goals.

Retirement Planning Medina

The most common goal we see is retirement. We focus on planning your cash flows and allocating your portfolio in a way to make sure you don't run out of money during retirement. This includes making sure you choose the best social security strategy and keeping an eye on your taxes to make sure you keep most of what's yours. 

Wealth Management Medina

Wealth Management is for those who want their entire financial lives organized and integrated. We combine financial planning, investments, tax planning, and estate planning to keep things as simple and efficient for you as possible. We can also prepare your taxes in-house at a lower rate than most CPA firms charge. 

Investment Management Medina

We are a Fee-Only Wealth Management company which means we will never sell you loaded mutual funds or complicated permanent/whole life insurance. We build your portfolio based on your financial plan using low-cost index funds. Our investment philosophy is academically based relying on data rather than subjective stock picking.

Read more about Fee-Only Financial Planning or see how Investing with Purpose might be right for you.

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