Retirement Planning

It's never too late or early to save for Retirement


Your retirement should be devoted to your family and hobbies, not worrying about Social Security and your investments.  Whether you are already in retirement or just entering the workforce for the first time we can help you plan. 

Any successful retirement starts with a plan and clearly defined goals.  A Phillip James Financial Advisor will be able to create your financial plan and make sure you stay on track. 

The Financial Plan and your Investments

Everyone has different goals and objectives when it comes to retirement.  We listen to make sure we understand this before doing the work required to create your financial plan.  In addition to showing you how to  accomplish your goals we will be able to make proactively make suggestions to improve your situation and possibly retire earlier then you anticipate.  Our analysis is very detailed and will include multiple scenarios and success rates which helps you understand your choices and what it means for your retirement.

We plan ahead by taking your cash flow needs into consideration when determining your portfolio allocation.  Your Portfolio is invested specifically to accomplish your goals not just to achieve the highest return possible.  This means properly investing your portfolio according to your risk tolerance, return requirements, and cash flow needs.  This smooths out the volatility of the markets and reduces your stress and worry.


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