Why Fee-Only makes a difference.

Phillip James Financial is not your traditional financial planner.  This is partly because of our compensation structure, called “Fee-Only.” This means we charge you one small fee based on the percentage of assets we manage.  That's it.  Completely transparent & very simple.

This is different from most other financial planners who are compensated through commissions, loads, and other charges.  A commission based compensation structure creates the incentive to sell you investment products with the highest payout to the advisor which most of the time is not in your best interest.  Either way you are paying for your Advisor's services.

It’s this unique way in which we are paid allows us to be objective in our advice and avoid conflicts of interest.  As a “Fee-Only” registered investment advisor (RIA) we are legally held to a Fiduciary Standard, which means by law we have to hold your interests above our own. 

Below are two charts which help illustrate the difference between how financial advisors are compensated. Or click here to read the Why Fee Only Makes a Difference Article in it's entirety.

Commission Based Advisor Compensation.png
Fee Only Compensation.png

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